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Asokore Mampong Rural Bank PLC seeks to fill the under- mentioned positions with highly motivated and result-oriented individuals.
General Manager

General Manager

  • Qualification:

    Degree or Post Graduate Qualification in Banking related discipline:
  • Experience & Required Skills:

    1. Finance and Management
    2. Over 5 – 15 years work experience in Banking or Finance industry inclusive of 2 – 5 years in Senior Management position in a Rural or Commercial Bank;
    3. Financial Management Experience
    4. Strong Credit Risk Management
    5. Strong Communication and People Management, interpersonal and influencing skills to build strong business relationships, foster stakeholder engagement, create new partnerships and drive culture of collaboration and innovation.
    6. Exceptional leadership and management skills with focus on securing strategic partnerships, business planning, people and financial management.
    7. Meeting other Fit and Proper Requirements for a Responsible person as set out by regulators.
    8. Not more than 55 years
  • Responsibilities:

    The successful applicant will be responsible in broad terms for the following:

    1. Strategic leadership of AMRB as per the Board’s approval of the Strategic Plan and Compliance to Regulatory Policies.
    • Provide strategic advice to the Board of Directors


    • Actively lead and influence the implementation and achievement of the current and future strategic and operational plans as per the approved strategic plan


    • Ensure that all operations are conducted in full compliance with laws, regulations and AMRB’s code of conduct.


    1. Financial Management
    • Lead AMRB’s Financial goals as per the Strategic Plan and consistently meet the Key Performance Indicators


    • Keep the financial position of the bank under review to ensure that there is an appropriate balance of long-term and short-term finance, and provision of adequate cash flow for day-to-day working and in compliance with statutory requirements and reporting


    • Manage the investments of the Bank’s surplus cash to enhance returns while controlling duration and credit risk


    • To ensure the Bank meets all the required ratios for a bank such as (Liquidity ratio, Cost to Income ratio, Demand Deposits ratio, Ten largest deposits to Total Deposits ratio etc) as required by the regulator.


    1. Executive Leadership Team and people Management
    • Provide credible and agile leadership to the Management Team, ensuring that they actively participate in the Team, and contribute to the strategic thinking and development of AMRB


    • Establish and maintain organization structure that supports business growth, with satisfactory definitions of roles and responsibilities for ensuring smooth executive co-ordination and personnel relations at all levels of the organization


    1. Business Development and Customer Agenda
    • Innovations – creating and innovating new products and services and emerging in new markets


    • Investments – modify existing products and services for the strategic competitiveness in achieving the desired shareholders returns


    • Forster a climate of customer focus and maintain client contacts and set the tone at the top for effective business development by leveraging AMRB’s capability for cross selling.


    1. Internal Audit/Risk Management and Compliance
    • To ensure strong Risk, Compliance and Governance Framework is embedded across the organization.


    • To ensure strong and effective internal audit and control framework is in place


    • To identify strategic and operational risks, ensure mitigation strategies are in place, and as appropriate, take action to minimize any actual or potential impact


    1. Human Resource – People Management/Health, safety, and wellness
    • Carry out leadership responsibilities in accordance with the Bank’s policies and applicable laws to include: training employees, directing work flow, appraising performance, addressing complaints, and succession planning.


    • To ensure Human Resource Management (HRM) of AMRB is effectively managed in terms of selection, incentives and motivation disciples in line with Human Resource strategy of the Company.


    • To ensure understanding and compliance to relevant occupational health, safety and wellness initiatives are supported and that relevant policies are put in place and is understood, followed and implemented by all employees.


Interested candidates are requested to submit 3 referees and a two page vision statement

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